A Haven In A Time Of Need

Imagine having to choose between a winter jacket for your daughter and food for her dinner. Consider the choice between transportation to get to work and electricity for your home. Imagine deciding between life saving medication and heat for the winter.

You could fall on hard times for a host of reasons. You lose your job because the shoe factory closes. Your spouse dies unexpectedly. Your home burns down in a late night fire.

We all need to be fed, to have clothing, and to live in a safe home. Manna provides the necessities of life for those people who have no other option. We serve everyone in need without regard to his or her faith. These are some of our services that rescue and support our struggling neighbors.

Soup Kitchen - We serve more than 100 meals each night in a facility that can only physically accommodate forty-five people. We serve dinners to 3,000 people every year.

Food Pantry - Each week we provide 180 individuals and families with enough groceries to cover three to four meals.

Food Bank - We collect food from several food distributors and provide it to food pantries across the state at no charge. Our food bank serves Penobscot, Hancock, Piscataquis, and Aroostook Counties. We deliver as far north as Presque Isle, east to Bar Harbor, and inland to Greenville. When the mill closures were announced in Millinocket, we delivered a truckload of food each week to the area to help relieve some of the suffering.

Thanksgiving Turkey Drive - We distribute thousands of turkeys and more than 3,500 food baskets that families, individuals, and community organizations donate. The food is given to families unable to provide their own Thanksgiving meal.

Christmas and Easter Dinner - Holidays are some of the toughest times for people who are alone. We provide a traditional meal and gifts to 900 adults and children each Christmas. Manna also provides a meal and fellowship during the Easter holiday.

Soup Kitcken/Food Pantry

Manna's Soup Kitchen has been open to anyone and everyone that finds themselves in need of a hot meal and a safe place to enjoy it.