Welcome To Manna Ministries

Welcome to Manna Ministries! We invite you to learn more about us in these pages as we show you the many faces of Manna.

You may already be familiar with Manna from our Turkey drives at Thanksgiving and our efforts to provide a Christmas dinner and presents to those in need. But there is much more going on at Manna throughout the year that doesn’t always make the evening news.

Our mission is to provide outreach to the needy throughout Central Maine. We minister to the spiritual and temporal needs of people throughout our community: we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and in our ministry, we focus on the complete cycle of Rescue, Hope, and Restoration.

Manna Ministries helps our struggling neighbors back to their feet. Our services are designed to revitalize self-sufficiency and independence so our guests can get their lives back on track.

Our facilities host a Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, Food Bank and Clothing bank. Every Wednesday there’s a Chapel Service open to the public at 8:30 AM. Our Soup Kitchen provides an evening meal Monday through Friday. Manna operates a Food Pantry where families and individuals may come once a week on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday to receive a bag of groceries, which should last three to four days. There are no restrictions on access to various programs; the only stipulation is that our clients require assistance.


The Home Thrift Shop at 51 Hillside Ave. in Bangor, exists to help the community and fund Manna's programs. 100% of profits go back into Manna's programs. For more information on The Home Thrift Store click here.



The Home Thrift Store is moving! We will be taking the next few weeks to pack up and move to our new location in Brewer, and our Grand Opening will be in July. Keep checking in for updates on our progress. Our new facility will allow us a lot more floor space to display all the quality items you have come to expect from The Home Thrift Store!



The Home Thrift Store, 51 Hillside Ave., in Bangor, offers quality used clothing, household goods and furniture. All proceeds benefit Manna Ministries.

Soup Kitcken/Food Pantry

Manna's Soup Kitchen has been open to anyone and everyone that finds themselves in need of a hot meal and a safe place to enjoy it.