About Manna

Our vision responds to the needs of our neighbors; we work towards a community where everyone has food, clothing, housing, and an opportunity to support themselves. Our mission is to provide outreach to the hurting, lost, and needy throughout Eastern and Central Maine. Manna Ministries is neighbor helping neighbor.

Manna Ministries was initially founded to provide services to the homeless in Bangor. However, as we grew, we realized that our guests were not predominantly homeless; the Greater Bangor Shelter serves the homeless of Central Maine. Manna Ministries works together with other community resources providing services.

2322Manna Ministries provides a safety net in the community that prevents the working poor and people on a fixed income from becoming homeless. Most of our guests are one crisis, one paycheck, or one doctor's bill from losing their lights, homes, or apartments. They come to Manna Ministries for food, fuel assistance, and funds for medicine, clothing, or other life sustaining services. Many people in our community have to make daily choices between food and clothing, medical help, or rent. Manna Ministries helps to provide a better quality of life for the hidden homeless, as well as save the State funds by keeping people from having to use welfare programs.

Our backbone is the army of volunteers who come every day to cook, clean, serve the meals, and hand out groceries.

At Manna Ministries we commit ourselves to the full cycle of assistance: Rescue, Hope, and Restoration. When we help someone find employment we follow their progress and provide ongoing support. For our neighbors who struggle with substance abuse or addiction, we help them to sobriety and offer counseling services to adults and families who need attention and assistance. By helping clients address and solve some of the fundamental problems they encounter, we help them restore health, happiness, and stability to their lives.

At Manna, when we say "we", it not only means Manna, it means you as well. "We" would not be possible without you. You are the community that supports us and makes our services possible. When someone comes to us for help, they're coming to you.

The funding for our Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, and Food Drives comes from you as individuals, civic groups, churches, and schools. Manna has received grants from The Protein Foundation, and some of our programs, such as Derek House and Elijah's House, receive funding from MaineCare and the State of Maine. Our Outpatient Counseling Services are supported by MaineCare, insurance payments, and private fees paid by clients.

Manna Inc. Non-Discrimination Statement

Manna Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, or familial status in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and services. Questions regarding compliance with this policy may be directed to Bill C. Rae, Manna Inc., 629 Main Street, Bangor, Maine 04401, Phone: 207-990-2870 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Executive Board

Manna Ministries' Executive Board is composed of community members who are committed to the mission, vision, and values of Manna. The Board meets on a regular basis to provide guidance to the management team and to assist in furthering Manna's work in the community.


Bill-reaBill Rae, Executive Director  

Bill was born in Maryland and attended the University of Montana and the University of Maine at Orono. He studied psychology and human development. “As a calling from God and a vision in my heart, my wife and I birthed Manna Ministries in 1991. We were later joined by our two sons, who work full time in the ministry.”


Mark-raeMark Rae, Director of Operations  

Mark was born in Rhode Island and attended Maine Maritime Academy and the University of Maine at Orono, working toward a degree in business finance. He joined Manna Ministries in 1999 and accepted his current position in 2001. “I have a vision to see people get back on their feet and become whole and free of addiction.”


Stephan Lanfer, Member

Stephan Lanfer holds a Bachelors in Economics from Dartmouth and a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford. During his career, he has worked in finance, operations, and marketing. Since 1977 he has been a Partner in Jefferson Financial in Stamford, Connecticut. Since 1980 Stephan has been Principal and Director of Protein Group, Holdings, and Foundation, a faith-based venture to acquire food companies. Stephan has been involved in several Christian youth ministries since 1979. He has also served as an elder in his church in Connecticut and as Trustee/Treasurer of his church in Portland, Maine since 1999. Stephan has been active on the Board of the root Cellar in Portland since 1997, serving as Chairman from 2005-2009. He has been on Manna’s Board since 1997 and Chairman since 2004.


Our History

Thirty people came for dinner at a small building on Hammond Street. It was 1991, and the beginning of Manna's work as a soup kitchen. A local attorney donated the space and the Protein Foundation provided seed money to buy a stove, cookware, and food. In 1994, Manna introduced a food pantry, instituted a drop-in center, and began offering social service referrals.

The spirit of community and a positive attitude continue to characterize Manna. Our mission is to minister to the spiritual and temporal needs of people throughout our community: to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, and to shelter the homeless. Over time we have moved several times, even providing meals out of a van in a park when we found ourselves without a home. In 1995, we found a permanent home only to have it collapse during the 1998 ice storm. Throughout it all, we have continued to provide vital services to people who have fallen on hard times.

Our new home is the former Beal College building on Main Street. Moving into the Beal College building brings the structure back to its original use: providing housing for the destitute. The building once was the Poor Farm where care was given to those who had no place else to turn. Now, it shelters Manna Ministries, providing a permanent and central home for our efforts. This site offers the room necessary to expand Manna's current programs and meet increasing demand for comprehensive support services. At this much larger facility, Manna helps people to make lasting and positive changes in their lives.


Manna Ministries is committed to restoration: helping our neighbors get their lives back on track.

Soup Kitcken/Food Pantry

Manna's Soup Kitchen has been open to anyone and everyone that finds themselves in need of a hot meal and a safe place to enjoy it.

Shelter Services

Elijah's House and Derek House offer structured faith based programs designed to provide restoration, hope, and recovery from addiction. Ringing the bell means freedom!