Case Management Services

Our Case Management Program’s goal is to solidify treatment accomplished through our other programs. We expect the program will include Molly Outpatient Counseling Services, the Soup Kitchen, and our Food Pantry participants. Our hope is to establish working relationships with our clients and guests while they are in the various programs to develop a more holistic set of services and support. Community integration is one of the most challenging aspects of treatment. Case Management Services will allow us to continue assisting our clients and guests as they move into more independent living settings. Many of our guests and clients find transitioning back into the community to be scary, overwhelming, and unstructured to the point of causing stress, fear, and even relapse. It is our hope to bridge the gap between structured treatment and life after treatment.

Case Management Services (CMS) through Molly are available to adults over the age of 17 who are covered by MaineCare and reside in the greater Bangor area. We work closely with other agencies and clinicians to plan and implement the action steps needed for clients to achieve their goals.